Machinery Rental

World class service for the most demanding projects.

Vast experience

Zirmer International has more than 10 years experience in providing the oil, gas, mining and general construction projects in South America, with the most complete range of heavy machinery.

Constant renewals

We are renewing our complete rental machinery fleet each year, incorporating new units to achieve our client's needs for height, capacity and performance. We help our clients reach farther, heavier and higher objectives.

Performance guaranteed

We also offer a complete revision program for the machinery fleet as well as preventive maintenance to guarantee perfect conditions, safety and performance of the units throughout the whole operation.

We take good care training our commercial, administrative, logistics and technical personnel so that our clients can have the best service, whenever and wherever they are.

As our fleet is constantly being updated, do please contact us for more information about our heavy machinery units for your project.

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