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Distances to major regional cities

Our Unique Benefits

A distribution center allows companies to downsize storage and administrative structures at each branch, making it one storage facility for all countries.

Real decrease in lead times for the final client

Through Distribution Centers such as Zirmer International, merchandise delivery times are reduced, as deliveries from logistics operators located only a few hours from the final market are replacing factory deliveries.

Cost reductions due to elimination of additional freight charges

Distribution Centers can often replace air freight (urgent shipments) and at the same time, eliminate freight costs from distribution centers located far from end consumers.

Reduction of nationalized inventory in each country

Tending to lower financial costs for the distributor or affiliate.

Centralized Inventories

Centralized inventories have been empirically shown to be effective tools to optimize inventory levels in terms of units and value, while offering a competitive advantage in supply flexibility.

Stock flexibility

The same stock can be shared by several countries

Adaptation of the products for end consumer

Factory customized products for every market are uncommon.
Under the Free Zone Legislation (Law 15.921), Zirmer International can perform any adaptation process on equipments including assembly, labeling, kit assambly, maintenance and removal.

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